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About ”Mr. & Mrs. Abe”

"Mr. & Mrs. Abe"は、美しくハイクオリティなジュエリーを通して独自の世界観と価値観を提示する、新たなジュエリーメゾンです。


Mr. & Mrs. Abeでは、ジュエリーは単なるアクセサリー以上のものであり、持つ人の人生や人生観を彩るものであると考えています。

クリエイションの根本的な考え方として、全く新しいアプローチです。指のつけるのがリング、耳にはイヤリング。Mr. & Mrs. Abeのジュエリーはその人の人生に装着することを意識してデザインされています。

アイコンジュエリーであるPrunus Mumeコレクションも、ペットジュエリーコレクションも、異なるようでどちらも同じ志向から生まれたコレクションなのです。


Prunus Mume

私たちのアイデンティティコレクションと位置付けている"Prunus Mume"(プラナスミューメ)コレクションは、クリエイティブディレクターの原体験にインスパイアされデザインされました。



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Pet Jewelry



About Pet Jewelry

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Story behind Our Items

Mr. & Mrs. Abeのアイテムは、すべてクリエイティブディレクターの思想を体現した一つの立体作品であると捉えています。



Creator's Talk  "故郷の梅とジュエリーへの思い"


Creator's Talk  "ペットジュエリーは、愛する小さな家族への本物のジュエリー"


Creator's Talk  ”Mr. & Mrs. Abeらしさを大事にしたい”


Creator's Talk特別編①  ”Mr. & Mrs. Abe”が”梅(プラナスミューメ)”を通して目指す未来


Creator's Talk特別編②  ”Mr. & Mrs. Abe”が”ペットジュエリー”を通して目指す未来



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Our Story


Mr. & Mrs. Abe Background of Creation

"Mr. & Mrs. Abe" is a new jewelry house that presents a unique world view and values through beautiful and high quality jewelry.
The creative director's original experience is the inspiration for his work, and he places great importance on his worldview.

Prunus Mume

The "Prunus Mume" collection, which we consider our identity collection, was inspired by the plum blossoms of Dazaifu, the hometown of our creative director.
The plum tree is a symbol of learning and knowledge because of its connection to Dazaifu and Sugawara Michizane, the god of learning, culture, and the arts, and it is also a symbol of talent and beauty because of its beauty and practicality.
It is also a symbol of perseverance and foresight because it blooms at the end of winter.

Pet Jewelry

Made of platinum & lab-grown diamonds, these products are made with the highest attention to material and design, and can be used as both memorial goods and fashion items.

As a fashion item:
The design and quality are such that not only pets but also their owners can wear them. It is also possible to enjoy coordinating with other pets.
As memorial goods:
This is a way to preserve the bond and memories of your pet in the form of jewelry, and to engrave them as a memory forever.

Therefore, our pet jewelry can offer a completely new value to previous items and services.
Click here for more information on the use of pet jewelry and precautions.こちらのページ

Story behind Our Items

In addition, all of our products are made by hand, one by one, to order, in our historic workshop in Yamanashi Prefecture.

For this reason, it usually takes about 1.5 to 2 months from the time of order to ship. We are in the process of building a system for shipping outside of Japan. Please consider using an import agent when purchasing from outside Japan.


Mr. & Mrs. Abe