Founder/Creative Director

Hiromu Abe

Founder and Creative Director of Mr. & Mrs. Abe

The founder and creative director of Mr. & Mrs. Abe is a visionary with an exceptional artistic sensibility and a unique approach to design. His work consistently reflects a profound understanding of both tradition and innovation, creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful. This unparalleled creativity and individuality have set the brand apart in the world of jewelry design, capturing the hearts and imaginations of a diverse audience.

Born in small island of Nagasaki, and raised in Dazaifu, he pursued his studies at Kyoto University, where they honed their skills and developed a keen eye for artistic detail. After working at a think tank, where they focused on research and policy recommendations for the creative industries, particularly in film and television, he transitioned to a game production company. His rich and diverse background in various creative fields laid the foundation for the establishment of Mr. & Mrs. Abe.

His journey from the creative industries to founding Mr. & Mrs. Abe has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating jewelry that tells a story. Each piece they design is a testament to his dedication to craftsmanship, beauty, and the celebration of meaningful moments.